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In-Office Balloon Sinus Dilation


There is now an alternative to hospital-based surgery for debilitating sinus disease: Balloon Sinuplasty™. Clinical research has shown Balloon Sinuplasty™ to be a safe and effective tool in dilating blocked sinuses.

This technology utilizes a small, guided balloon catheter placed through the nose to open up the sinuses, similar to how angioplasty uses balloons to open blocked coronary arteries.

After pledgets dipped in anesthetic are removed from the nose, the tiny catheter is then advanced alongside a small endoscope. Moments later, the balloon is inflated to gently dilate the blocked sinus passage, maintaining the integrity of the sinus lining and restoring normal sinus drainage and function. There is minimal to no discomfort and most patients resume full activity within 12 hours.

Recently published data shows that the technology is safe and effective: study participants experienced no adverse events and received significant relief from their symptoms. Drs. Kanhaiyalal, Sanjay, and Manoj Kantu have successfully performed hundreds of balloon sinuplasties in carefully chosen patients.


Balloon Sinuplasty™ Benefits

  • Safe and Effective
  • Minimally Invasive
  • Improved Recovery Time
  • Long-term Results
    A study follow-up of 65 patients at multiple institutions reported clinically significant improvement in patient symptoms out to 2 years. Remodeling of bony sinus openings enables long-term patency
  • Does Not Limit Treatment Options

    may be used with other medical therapies or sinus surgery techniques. It does not limit future treatment options if you have progressive disease
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