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Hearing Disorders

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If you struggle to hear what people are saying, you may have an issue that affects one or more parts of your ear. The board-certified otolaryngologists at NY Center for Ear, Nose, Throat, Sinus & Allergy in Sheepshead Bay and Bay Ridge of Brooklyn, New York, are highly experienced in treating hearing disorders using the latest technologies. The staff treats hearing disorders in both children and adults using innovative treatments and specialized surgical techniques. Don’t miss another second of conversation. Call for your appointment today or use the convenient online booking feature for your hearing evaluation.

Hearing Disorders Q & A

What are hearing disorders?

Hearing disorders are often the result of issues in the outer, middle, or inner ear that interferes with your ability to hear what’s going on around you.

There are typically two types of hearing loss. In the first, you may experience permanent hearing loss due to damage to your inner ear or the auditory nerve. You may also experience temporary difficulties in hearing because sound waves can’t properly reach your inner ear.

What causes hearing disorders?

When sound waves can’t reach your inner ear, it can be difficult to make out what people are saying or hear the television or radio without turning up the volume. This may be due to obstruction caused by a buildup of fluids or wax, or because of a punctured eardrum.

Other causes of a hearing disorder include:

  • Age
  • Trauma
  • Infection
  • Family history
  • Certain diseases
  • Use of some medicines

You can also develop long-term hearing loss if you work in a loud environment or are otherwise exposed to loud noises.

How are hearing disorders diagnosed?

To determine the cause of your reduced hearing ability, your provider at NY Center for Ear, Nose, Throat, Sinus & Allergy reviews your medical history and symptoms. They discuss how long your symptoms have been present and if there was any fall or another incident that occurred before your hearing issues started.

During your appointment, your physician also performs a physical exam. They inspect your inner ear to identify signs of wax or fluid buildup, infection, or inflammation. The staff also evaluates the structure of your ear, looking for abnormalities in its structure.

The extent of your hearing loss also needs evaluation and the on-site Audiology Program staff can administer one or more hearing tests in-office that measures how well you can hear different sounds and tones.

What treatment options are available for hearing disorders?

If an obstruction in your ear is causing your hearing issues, your physician cleans out excess ear wax or drain fluids.

For ear infections, your doctor can prescribe a course of antibiotics and recommend over-the-counter pain relievers to keep you or your child comfortable.

In some cases, you may need to have specialized surgery to correct structural issues or nerve damage that interferes with your hearing. Surgery may also be necessary to help drain excess fluids from your ear that cause recurrent infections.

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