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Conditions We Treat in Brooklyn


Include Chronic Sinusitis, Chronic Nasal Obstruction, Allergic Rhinitis, Snoring, and other Head & Neck Disorders.

Our Spectrum of Services Includes:

In-Office Sinus Balloon Dilation

A proven means of clearing chronic sinusitis without hospitalization or general anesthesia. In addition to achieving long-term relief, patients typically resume full activity the very next day.

Radiofrequency Turbinoplasty

This successful means of shrinking the nasal inferior turbinates avoids tissue destruction. The result is dramatic long-term breathing improvement following a 10 minute procedure, with minimal side effect or time off from work.

Comprehensive Allergy Testing & Immunotherapy

-Intradermal Skin Testing following guidelines set by our Academy to provide quantitative measurements of most inhalant allergic sensitivities

Chemo Patch Testing is also performed for patients harboring suspected Atopic Dermatitis.

Snoring Surgery accomplished via procedures reducing the uvula and/or soft palate

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