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The tonsils are located in the back of the mouth on either side of the uvula. Tonsillitis refers to an infection in one or both tonsils. One sign is swelling of the tonsils. Other signs and symptoms include red tonsils, a white or yellow coating on the tonsils, changes in voice, sore throat, pain with swallowing, swollen lymph nodes in the neck, fever, and/or bad breath.

The adenoid gland is a midline structure located in the very back of the nose in a region called the nasopharynx. An enlarged adenoid may present with the following symptoms: snoring, difficulty breathing through the nose, breathing through the mouth instead of the nose, lowered vocal pitch, runny nose, recurrent ear infections, and/or episodes of breathlessness when snoring (sleep apnea).

The two primary reasons for tonsil and/or adenoid removal are (1) recurrent infection despite antibiotic therapy and (2) difficulty breathing due to enlarged tonsils and/or adenoid.

Such obstruction causes snoring and disturbed sleep that leads to daytime sleepiness in adults and behavioral problems in children. Chronic mouth breathing from large tonsils and adenoids may alter facial growth and cause improper alignment of teeth.

Adenoid enlargement and/or infection may also affect the eustachian tube, a passage between the back of the nose and the middle ear cavity. This can lead to chronic ear infections and potential hearing loss. In a developing child, such hearing loss, if untreated, may lead to a permanent speech delay.

It is imperative for you to observe for the above symptoms and discuss them with our doctors. Audiometric testing to evaluate potential hearing deficit for children of all ages is performed on our premises.

Surgery to remove the tonsils and/or adenoid gland is safe and effective. The procedure generally takes less than 1 hour and the patient typically returns home the same day. Clearly written post-operative instructions are reviewed by our staff before the surgery. Risks, benefits, and alternatives are also discussed beforehand.


I thank you very much for suggesting I have the procedure. I get no more migraines or severe allergy.

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I want to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for the wonderful work and service I have received from you and your staff.

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Much thanks go to Doctor Manoj Kantu and the staff for their help and concern

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I was always treated with respect and empathy throughout this whole experience by Dr. Kantu and his staff.

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I am writing to thank you and tell you that you have changed my life.

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