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Radiofrequency Turbinoplasty

Radiofrequency Turbinoplasty uses a gentle radio frequency energy that improves long-term nasal breathing.

Nov 30th, 2018
Submucosal Turbinate Microdebridement

Submucosal Turbinate Microdebridement is a procedure that helps to significantly improve nasal breathing and snoring. This safe and effective treatment provides long-term results and this proven technique takes only 10 minutes or less. The debridement is p

Nov 3rd, 2018
Treating Sinus Conditions

At Brooklyn Sinus Relief, we provide relief from a wide variety of conditions that are negatively impacting the lives of men and women of all ages. We treat: Chronic Sinusitis – Chronic Sinusitis is a condition that may be triggered by an infection.

Nov 3rd, 2018
Balloon Sinus Dilation Brooklyn

Balloon Sinus Dilation is a safe and effective in-office procedure performed to provide relief for patients suffering from chronic sinusitis pain. The Balloon Sinus Dilation procedure is performed without any cutting or incisions of the tissue or bone. Oto

Apr 22nd, 2018